The Adire Business That Was Started With Three Thousand Naira

Is it possible to start a business with just three thousand naira? Not only that, but is it possible for said business to have surpassed your expectations, when all you wanted was financial independence? Tobiloba Arewa Adesanya answers a resounding yes to both questions! She started the business known as Adire World whilst an undergraduate at the Tai Solarin University of Education in 2014.

Her foray into the world of tie and dye began when it became compulsory to choose a vocation as part of the curriculum. Textile design was her choice alongside her course of study. An entrepreneur at heart Tobi was already selling chinchin (fried flour dough eaten as snacks in Nigeria) to fellow students.  This began when she desired not to rely on her parents and this helped her achieve the aim.

Income rose steadily, but Tobi became dissatisfied with her budding business and turned to broadcasting. After training and an internship, she went to work at the school radio station as an OAP. A year later In 2016  she reached another crossroad. This time, Tobiloba took an inventory of her strengths and passion, this revealed fashion as a strength and art a passion. Digging further and on close examination of the activities that could combine both she arrived at the ancient craft of making  Adire.  Since 2016 Ms Arewa has not looked back.  

On graduation in 2017 with a grand total of three thousand, Tobi asked friends if they had clothes they were interested in dyeing. She did this for free and asked to be tagged in their photos on social media. With the referrals from friends, she charged her new clients for the service and business was underway.

At Adire World everything is done by hand and clients include fashion designers, wholesalers and individuals too. The inspiration for designs come from any and every thing. “I’m gifted because I can look at anything and bring out a pattern from it.”


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