LoveWorld’s ‘Rhapsody of Realities’ Now In 7,000 Languages

'Rhapsody of Realities', a daily devotional published by LoveWorld Publishing Limited, a subsidiary of LoveWorld Ministries has reached 7000 languages worldwide. This makes it the most translated book in the world.

The devotional is authored by the Senior Pastor of the church, Chris Oyakhilome.

While speaking with journalists on Friday, August 26, 2022, the Director of Operations, LoveWorld Publishing, Pastor Lola Aisida, said that the 520 of the languages are from Nigeria alone.

She said, “Never in the history of the world, and in all the record books of Guinness Book of World Records, has any literary material – be it document, film, writing, book, or any piece of historical or modern parchment – been translated into 7,000 languages.

“The meteoric rise of the Rhapsody of Realities devotional to the most-coveted spot as the world’s number one daily devotional and now most translated book in the world began with the first edition published in the English Language by LoveWorld Publishing.

“By any standard, the work of translation is not an easy one. If it were, the world’s popular literary pieces would have long been made available in all languages.

“On the contrary, authenticated records show that the most translated short film documentary is in 11 translations; the most translated short film has 22 translations; the most translated document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, produced by the United Nations in 1948 has been translated into only 370 languages as of 2019.

“Even the acclaimed most professionally translated author in the world, Agatha Christie, has her books in only 100 plus languages.

“There are 7,139 languages spoken today, but a report says 42 percent of these languages are endangered. These statistics posed a global challenge fit only for a global publishing house that transcends the inadequacies of the publishing space.”

In addition, Christ Embassy Abuja Zonal Pastor, Pastor Dipo Fisho, thanked Pastor Oyakhilome “for bringing men into the reality of the original purpose for which they were created.”

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