You Too Much By IBK Spaceshipboi Out Now

 As a  sci-fi lover, the opener of IBK Spaceshipboi’s  music video was a throwback to the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. Cue precogs, crime and predicting thing was pretty cool, but harrowing for the poor kids locked away. Pardon me, I digress. That’s how IBK chose to use the delectable Niyola to kick start sha. I’m just happy he’s finally released it. The torturous route of waiting, and waiting and waiting is finally over. Ope!

IBK shared his emotions on his IG page. Not only that he asked a few questions for those that will listen and watch.

“I am so excited that this is finally out and y'all are vibing to it. Let me know:
- Your best part of the video
- How it makes you feel
- Do you like it?
- What could I have done different?
- Have you shared with someone else?
- is it on your Spotify or Apple music or Youtube music playlist?
- Should I do a challenge? Will you participate?


Since IBK asked I’ll share my answers to his questions here and leave it at that!

Your best part of the video. – Beginning. Middle. (Why you spoil the end now guy?!)

How it makes you feel?  Happy. Bubbly. Can’t stop grinning.

Do you like it?A resounding YES!

What could I have done different?Recorded it on your spaceship on the way to Mars maybe…

Have you shared with someone?But of course na!

Is it on your Spotify or Apple music or YouTube music playlist? You need to ask me after all dis? Why na IBK? Na side eye I dey send.

Should I do a challenge?Before?! Will you participate? I’ll tink abourrit.

 The beautiful people smiling, dancing gave the song character along with the unusual percussions and vocals made it a flavour that just seeps in as you listen. You also can’t but hear the lyrics that remind you of your true identity as a child of God. Indeed God is TOO MUCH.



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  1. O wow! I laughed hard at some of your answers to my questions. I enjoyed reading your review and will take your advice on recording in my spaceship on my way to mars next time lol!!!! This most appreciated. God bless


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