New Music - Lamboginny Pays Tribute to His Mother with MAMA

Lamboginny is a musician that in more recent times is recognised as Lamb, the husband in the popular duo Ling&Lamb. Lamb has released a new single titled MAMA. This song is dedicated to the memory of his beloved Mother. This upbeat, afro-dance song was made available to the public on the twenty-fifth anniversary of her posthumous birthday.

Lamb’s statement on his Instagram page, was laden with emotion despite the passage of time. “No amount of words can describe how much we miss her or the pain we felt the day she passed. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share her memories with you all through this new song. Join me in celebrating her and I hope you guys use this as a reminder to cherish your mothers too

Many days you carry me

Many nights you never sleep

Many times you pray for me

Sacrificing all for me

If you get e mama

Oya show your mama

Oya dance with mama for me

Mama suffer no be small

When I sick e no go chop

When I fall she carry me

Holliday she still dey work

Mama suffer no be small

She go tell me mark my words some day we do go poor

Everything go dey okay


Lamb continues to inspire his fans through his music and relationship with his wife, Ling. They share about their relationship; faith walk and work on prison reforms and inmate rehabilitation. Their willingness to be vulnerable and real is refreshing and worth following to see the pranks they get up to. Mind you, Ling usually plays the best pranks and her very Nigerian husband always seems to fall for them...

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