Pastor Sunday Adelaja Shares On How to Make Impact

Recently Pastor Sunday Adelaja divulged some of the practices that helped him as he founded his ministry in Europe and became an influencer not only in that region but globally too. Leaving Nigeria at the age of nineteen and now been gone for the past thirty-six years makes him more European than African. As he reminisced, he recounted six years were spent in the former USSR and the last thirty in the nation of Ukraine.

According to the clergy, Vladimir Putin did not know what he was up against when he decided to invade Ukraine. The faith and tenacity of the Ukrainians has kept them strong and is the reason that everyone is talking about their resilience in the face of the conflict with Russia. He proudly cites how the truth and values imparted by the gospel of the kingdom of God has penetrated the entire Ukrainian society and made a difference.  

Pastor Adelaja narrated how he discovered that the major problem Christians have is the wrong understanding of the gospel. “We understand the gospel of salvation, but we don’t understand the gospel of the kingdom. It takes another mindset for you to dominate. This dominion mindset helps you penetrate different spheres in society, there’s nothing limiting you. It’s a different approach.” This is the mindset he has preached over the years to his congregation and has resulted in members making impact on the larger society.

For instance, a young lady saw beauty as her calling and decided to enter the world of pageantry. She came to this realization at fourteen years and underwent the necessary training to prepare her for it. At the age of seventeen she won the national beauty contest and became Miss Ukraine. Now in her thirties she continues to be a great influencer and voice in the media, especially with the youth.

Another member bought prominent night clubs, strip clubs and casinos and no they didn’t close them but continued business as usual. However, with a strategy in place the strippers gradually gave their lives, were moved to other areas of the business and then some left. Others were employed and the entire process started again.  

“In order for a mindset of the kingdom you must understand that religion cannot make a difference. In order to be effective, you need the values of the kingdom of God. The fruits of the spirit listed in Galatians 5, these are the values you must put to work because they are the things that address the world. Secondly, you must be ready to come out of the box…must be ready to be unconventional. You must keep asking how to bring God’s love and communicate it to society at large.”


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