Video: Jireh (My Provider) by Limoblaze, Lecrae and Happi now out

Limoblaze has definitely got me hooked on this! The way he segued into pidgin, rap and the unique afro-centric beats and sound that is unique, yet at the same time ‘Naija’ is more than satisfying. The fact that this is a gospel song makes it the more exciting. Introducing Jireh by Maverick City in the first bars gives you a taste of what to expect. Or does it?

Jireh My Provider will get you singing, bopping and dancing within the 2:49 minutes duration. Like me you’ll no doubt rewind and eventually put it on a loop…yes, it’s that good! 

You can’t expect less especially with Lecrae and Happi spicing it up too. Some of the lines also remind you that walking by faith can be challenging despite the faithfulness of God. Even when my knees are shaking and my heart is bleeding, God remains God. 

So yes, listen, share and listen again because this right here is a song, you’ll find living in your head even if you hear it only once!


Let me paint a picture for ya (yeah)
But for God his loving can afford ya
He set love lavishly upon ya
He makes his glory shine so bright upon you
I will be content
‘Cause I know You will never fail me (never)
Even when my knees are shakin’
Even when my heart is bleedin’, oh, oh
Valley, when I walk in the midst of the valley
My life’s in the hands of my Daddy
I’m already loved
I’m already chosen (yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah)
So for this life
I know dey go low
‘Cause me, I know, I know, dey so low
‘Cause my Jireh not my buddy
Etuma naniko, You are


Woo, Jehovah Jireh (yeah)
You give me peace, you give me purpose, my Provider
And when my enemies surround me, got me tied up
When they throw me in the pit, inside the fire, You are
My God and my king and my father
Light to my path in the darkness
Hope in my heart when they heartless
Father, you reach out and caught us (yeah)

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