Anglican chaplain raises alarm on LGBT indoctrination in the West


Rev. Bernard Randall, an Anglican chaplain in England, has warned that the West is actively working on totalitarian ideologies.

The cleric recently preached Christian doctrine on sexual ethics during a chapel service. This act got him sacked and he was reported to an anti-terrorism program.

He also recalled that three years ago, he was reported to authorities and investigated. This was part of a government anti-terrorism probe for espousing Christian sexual ethics during a chapel service in a Church of England school. 

Elly Barnes, LGBT activist and founder of Educate & Celebrate, an LGBT education charity, was invited by the school to a staff training session to introduce a new curriculum on anti-bullying education.

However, his teaching was on the indoctrination of LGBT ideology.

Since the aim of the Educate & Celebrate curriculum material is to “embed gender, gender identity and sexual orientation into the fabric of your organization,” Randall was asked by the students to address the issue at a chapel service. 

After he did so, he was dismissed summarily from the school on the basis of gross misconduct. He was later reported to the counter-terrorism program after he told students that decisions about gender identity and sexuality were in the power of the students to make.

More so, they should not be forced to accept an ideology that they are not comfortable with. This act did not go down well with the students and the school authority.

Consequently, Randall was reported as a potential violent extremist to Child Protective Services and a British government anti-terrorism group.

The school’s decision to sack Randall was considered as extreme. Hence, he is suing the school on the grounds of religious discrimination. He is being represented in court by The Christian Legal Centre.

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