Actor, Dave Coulier, narrates how alcohol addiction affected his spirituality

American actor and comedian, Dave Coulier, has shared his experience with alcohol addiction and how it affected his spiritual life. He is notable for his role as Uncle Joey in the iconic TV series "Full House" and its spin-off "Fuller House".

In an interview with The Christian Post, the actor recalled his childhood, his struggles, and what he is doing differently.

He said, "I went to Catholic schools from grade three through 12. So I'm really messed up. I came from a very big Catholic community here in the city of Detroit, so church was the central focus for our lives. It was really our meeting place and a place where we socialize, and it was a place where we helped those in need, and we helped each other.

He noted that when he started drinking alcohol, he did not know that it would consume him that much. His habit made his wife worried. From taking just one bottle, he found himself sinking deep into the habit which started affecting his spiritual life. This made him reflect upon his life and think of ways he could become better.

He said, "I never thought I would struggle with alcohol and that was the problem. I was looking at my own spirituality and looking at my own life, to gauge how this was going to affect my life.”

The father and husband, who is a native of Detroit, finally decided to take a sober look at his life and turn a new leaf. He noted that since January 1, 2020, he has experienced some change in his life. Hence, he decided to talk to people about it and encourage those who are going through that phase.

He said, "I never wanted to preach to people. I just wanted to share my story. And if someone can see a little bit of themselves in me, and I can help them that way, then that's a real plus. That's a real check in the positive column for me.” 

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