RCCG encourages members on participation in politics

Pastor Adeboye

The Politics and Governance Forum of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Gombe, on Sunday, encouraged members to join any political party they desire. The members were also advised to register to vote in the forthcoming elections.

A delegate to Mercyland parish, Philip Jehu, who spoke on behalf of other delegates to the parish, said the forum was a directive of the General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

Furthermore, the delegates said that contrary to some opinions, politics is not dirty and even if it is, Christians are supposed to change its narrative.  They added that politics enables development and progress.

Jehu said, “The youth is the strength of every nation and the church. We can’t be onlookers and expect a change. The Bible says while men slept, the enemy came and sow tares. If you are not a card-carrying member (of a political party), you can’t determine who leads. You should be part of the process.

“We must be registered. Based on statistics, we (Christians) have voter apathy. Politics can be said to be dirty when we leave it in the hands of dirty people. Ensure that you participate from the ward, local government, state and national levels.”

The pastor-in-charge of Mercyland Youth Church, Sam Elebiyo, also encouraged members to participate in the elections and ensure that they vote. He added that the Church would put in more effort to ensure an increase in participation in politics by its members.
He said, “Christians are the problems of fellow Christians; they delight in bringing themselves down.”

Another delegate, Okezie Ejeagba spoke to parishioners and encouraged them to participate in politics and fill the vacuum available.

He said, “There are those who don’t vote because of security reasons. We are not telling you the party to join, we are not partisan. Those that believe politics is dirty, we will go with water and (detergent) to make it clean.”

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