Korean Intercessors Mark Anniversary of Historic Billy Graham Crusade

Billy Graham

Some Korean intercessors are set to mark the 49th anniversary of a historic crusade held by renowned American preacher, Billy Graham, in the country in May 30 to June 3, 1973 which had about three million people in attendance. Over 75,000 people were said to have given their lives to Christ during the crusade in Seoul, South Korea, which brought a great revival in the country.

The 20 teams of intercessors (made up of hundreds of people), who would be visiting the United States are associated with the World School of Prayer in Seoul. They will be organising a prayer revival in 20 cities from June 1-5 to honour the late preacher.

While speaking about the revival, President of Project Pray, a national prayer movement, which is hosting "America's Prayer Meeting", Douglas Small, encouraged churches in the Joe Biden-led nation to organise their prayer meetings the same period. It will also culminate on June 5, which is the Pentecost Day.

Small said, “They (intercessors) will come to cities from coast to coast and border to border to pray morning noon and night.

"We're asking churches to open their doors and call for prayer. To host prayer meetings, not preaching meetings, prayer meetings to pray for this nation, for revival, and spiritual awakening."

Also, the Executive Director of the World School of Prayer, Aaron Park, spoke about the effect of the crusade in 1973. He said, "After the crusade, the prayer revival broke out in many different churches in South Korea. Even revival broke out … and churches started to grow.

 “Through the prayer revival and church growth, God brought us the blessing, economically and spiritually. We realize it is time for us to go and pay back our spiritual debt to America with prayer, so let’s go and humbly serve the American church with prayer."

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