Actress, Danica McKeller, speaks on her faith in Christ

Danica McKellar

American actress, Danica McKeller, has spoken about her faith in Jesus Christ. The actress, who is known for her role as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, admitted that she was initially skeptical about her faith. However, she has gone past that stage and feels more comfortable talking about her love for Christ.

In a recent Instagram Live, the 47-year-old said, "I'm not here to preach, but I have so much love in my heart I just had to share what I'm experiencing and to share a little why I believe it's taken me up to this point to begin this journey.

"In my life, starting in childhood, I had been made aware of all the hypocrisy in the various religions of Christianity, it being used for evil, power, and control throughout history, and that had definitely biased me."

McKellar added that she now understands that there is no limit for God’s love towards us. She continued, “I can tell you I'm experiencing a relationship with God and Jesus that I've never had before, and it feels miraculous."

She had a change of heart after talking with her friend and fellow actress, Candace Cameron Bure.

"And it all started one evening when I was struggling with the idea of forgiveness and I sent a message to my good friend and fellow actress, Candace Cameron Bure, about a passage from the Bible she had read on her Instagram stories, and then she sent me a Bible, and invited me to church," she said.

In response to McKellar's post, Bure wrote, "God's love is bigger than any human love and when He sweeps you up in understanding how powerful it is, because He is, it's undeniable. Praying for you on your journey and relationship with Jesus my sweet friend."

Have you ever been in a situation where you were initially skeptical about your faith in Jesus Christ? Kindly share your thoughts.

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