Which is True Femininity - Godly Femininity or Divine Goddess Femininity?

Jasymne Theodora makes content about the art of femininity, lost female education and tradition. She noticed that online the feminine ethos being championed are primarily two different ‘kinds’ of femininity i.e. Godly and divine goddess. Both fall under the femininity umbrella but are complete opposites.

You might ask how completely different these views are since divine and godly might be seen to mean the same thing. We’ll lay the two paradigms out and leave for you to weigh and see which is more in line with the Christian faith and values.

Divine goddess Feminine says:

You are a goddess. You are perfection. You can do no wrong. Do whatever you want. Love yourself first. Queen, live by ‘your’ truth. Be fierce. Be independent of men. Be sexually liberated. Own your body and show it off. The future is female. Girls run the world. Be loud and proud. The universe provides everything I need. I manifest all my desires and my thoughts become reality. I am abundant and eternal. Smash the patriarchy. God is a woman.

Godly Feminine on the other hand has the following fundamental principles that undergird it.

God is powerful. God is abundant and eternal. God provides everything I need. You are not perfect, repent of your sins. Deny yourself and take up your cross. Submit to God and your husband. Honour God with your body. Save sex only for your husband. Serve others and put yourself last. Love your neighbour as yourself. Be a keeper of your home. Be a helpmeet to your husband. Be kind. Be meek. Be humble. Be chaste. Be pure. Be modest. Be holy. Honour men. Respect men.

When laid beside each other it is clear which upholds the values of the message that Christ preached as the Good News. Maybe you’ve never really thought about femininity quite like this before and there are other topics you might not have examined either. What’s true though is that now more than ever, the principles foundational to Christianity have continuously come under attack and there’s no likely hood that it will stop any time soon. In the days ahead, knowing your values and what you stand for will be tested, whether privately or in the public space. So, people of faith must realise that things are only going to get more interesting as cancel culture and ‘wokeness’ will be the mainstream and anyone that goes counter to its philosophy will come under fire.

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