Nikkilaoye & Snatcha Host The Fantastic Four on Meet The Snatchas

On this episode of the podcast, The Fantastic Four aka Snatcha’s children join him and Nikki! Seven, Trinitee, Zion and Rain made their debut and asked the couple questions that belied their years. Laughter, banter, surprises and sheer joy were the hallmark of this delightful edition. The advice that they shared towards the end are pearls of wisdom and emphasize the scripture…You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you. (Psalm 8:2 NLT)

The questions were unscripted and unrehearsed so see how Nikki reacted (yep…the tears were obvious) and Snatcha replied from the heart as the conversation took on a life of its own. Here are a sample some of Nikki’s questions - how did you first feel about joining the family? How does it feel like taking care of four children? How do you feel about being in England? Why do you have so many wigs?!

In her replies Nikki was extremely honest about all that she’s had to learn and is still learning about taking care of them. She also acknowledged how helpful Seven has been in showing her the ropes. Their love and acceptance means everything to her and the completeness in being part of the family. Nikki was quick to confess that the foundation laid by Snatcha and his late wife has made it really easy to continue building on.

They didn’t hold back for their father and let him have it. Were you scared to propose to aunty? Do you think the seven months aunty spent brought you closer? What does it feel like having to wear a ring? What’s your mom’s name? Kunle’s response about the proposal demonstrated how he shared what was on his mind with Seven.I was nervous, not nervous that she would say no, but because it was going to be a big step and remember that you’re the first person that I talked to about it? Because I wanted to know what you thought. And it was really important for me to hear what you felt. That’s why I talked to you about it and you gave me the go ahead.”  

Snatcha also asked the four about how they felt about Nikki and their first thought when he told them he was going to propose. Seven replied, “I actually thought daddy was joking because he had that face. Then it changed to the face he has when aunty is coming back.” Zion confessed, “I thought daddy was going to say I’m joking.” Trinitee was present at the proposal (the real one that Nikki thought was a joke!). “I thought daddy was still joking until when I actually saw the ring. I felt happy and like crying.”

The Fantastic Four advised children that might have lost a parent. Think about the good things that have happened instead of the sad. The person is probably in a happy place with God and Jesus and they’re happy, it’s okay to be sad sometimes but you just need to know that they’re happy and okay. Again, they also reminded children all over the world that…it doesn’t really matter if you don’t really have a mom or dad, it just matters that you have someone that takes care of you. So don’t let things get to you or else they’ll just make you sadder and you won’t be able to get over it.

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