Frank Edwards, Victoria Orenze, others, speak up on Sister Osinachi’s death

Sister Osinachi

The death of gospel singer, Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu shook social media on Friday night. Although the cause of her death was linked to throat cancer, many people have said that her husband mistreated her and made life uncomfortable for her before her death.

Gospel singer, Frank Edwards said, “So, that unreasonable human being finally put off a shining light. I won’t say much now. I will let the former NDDC director (Aunty Joy) who did everything possible to stop this from happening, talk first. But it still happened. We tried to stop this.”


Victoria Orenze posted, “Don’t stay! If you are a woman or man in an abusive marriage, especially the physical abusive, until the abusive spouse is fixed. Please don’t stay in the same house with them. Move out for a season. Jesus paid so much for your life.”

Glory Solomon Ehiwario said, “I hosted her in one of my programs The Invasion in 2019. It was a terrible experience with the husband on the phone and then when she arrived, she shared scary marital issues. She had to sneak out of the house to honor the invitation. The husband threatened me on the phone and assured me that the wife will not return to his house if she attends the event after we had paid and booked her flights to and fro.”


Pastor Chioma Ibezim said, “Rest in peace Minister Osinachi. The very first time I hosted this Angel, God opened her up to me like a television and she wept like a baby as she confirmed all and said even much more. She opened up to me and hid absolutely nothing.

“She confided in me till last week. I just don’t want to talk. She died prematurely. It could have been averted. The wickedness was so much. She died in silence. She decided to endure the abuse, the pain and now death. I begged, I pleaded and counseled, but her ‘nice heart’ kept enduring the abuse thinking it would be better, rather it got worse.

“I could not go contrary to her wish as a counselor. She wanted absolute privacy, trusting God to help her and now, death. I have not slept all day. I have said it, nobody should ever stay in an abusive marriage. Forget what people will say. They are not you. You have to save yourself first. I am so sad.”

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