Femi Leye Does Searching Cover with Helen Ibe

Femi Leye has released a video with Helen Ibe doing a cover to his song Searching. These two virtuosos pluck their guitar strings and light up the room in this short performance. Incidentally, they both play their signature guitars by @instrumentsofafrica and demonstrate how to draw out the sound and make good music.  Lovers of music cannot but pause and take in their soothing creation.

Searching is a love song that paints the longing for that special person to journey life with. I’ve been searching, searching, searching for the one. Someone special that will make my heart the one. I know that when I find you my heart will be with you. This cover is a sweet treat with this cool double.

Igba Mi De has joined Femi’s body of work, it dropped some time in March. Along with Pendulum Vol 2 and The Pendulum Ep it is part of the new songs the artist has dropped after the COVID-19 lockdown. This song might be seen as a tribute to the recent turbulent times in the past two years and his acknowledgment of surmounting it and coming out stronger by God’s grace.

I’m just a man

Filled with grace

Living my life

In my lane jeje

Oluwa o lowa pelumi

Ki sagbara

It’s not by power

It’s not by might

But by the Spirit says the Lord

Olaoluw ni mo je laiye mi o

I’ve gone through things

I’ve gone through stripes

I’ve gone through struggles

I no go lie

Ojuri o

Now I’m here

Living my dreams

Now it’s time for the world to know

The greatness inside of me

Igba mi de

Asiko mi de o!

With the world open again for travel and outdoor events we’re sure that Femi will soon go on tour. Make sure you don’t keep this to yourself!

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