Christian educator adviser removed from NYC Mayor’s Board List over 'anti-gay' writings

NYC Mayor, Eric Adams

The removal of Rev. Kathlyn Barrett-Layne, the leader of Staten Island’s Reach Out and Touch Ministries from the education advisors list of New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, has sparked reactions among Christian conservatives.

Barrett-Layne’s name was removed from the list after The New York Daily News reported some of her past writings on sexuality and gender.

Last week, Adams announced nine names to replace the former Board of Education which is responsible for education policy, governance and structure in the city.

In its initial announcement, the mayor’s office described Barrett-Layne as a seasoned minister who “spends her time inspiring people with her speaking and teaching in Bible studies.”

After Adams announced Barrett-Layne’s appointment to the panel, The New York Daily News published an article citing her previous “anti-gay” comments.

The media outlet particularly pointed out some parts of Barrett-Layne’s 2013 book, “Challenging Your Disappointments,” which listed homosexuality alongside several other sins, including “fornication, adultery, pedophilia, stealing, lying, envy, and covetousness.”

In the book, Barrett-Layne contended that incarcerated young people “live in the grip of fornicating homosexual lifestyles with the risk of being infected with the AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted diseases.”

Also, in her book titled, “When Your Mess Becomes the Message”, the pastor recalled how her three year old daughter was confused about her gender after she listened to the counseling her mother gave to a lesbian.  

Barrett-Layne and her husband started praying for their daughter against every spirit that was not of God, including the spirit of homosexuality.

Adams was pressured by the LGBT community to remove the pastor’s name from his list after the article was published by the media outlet.

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