Russian Invasion: Ukrainians Share Testimonies of God’s Sustenance

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Olga Buznitska, a regional project manager for Orphan’s Promise, an organization providing relief to children and families in need across the globe, has explained how God has been sustaining them since Russian forces invaded the country.

In a CBN News prayer event, she narrated how they have experienced several miracles since the crisis in the region began. She added that they are in serious need of prayers.

Buznitska said, “Our biggest need is prayers. “Prayers are working. It’s unbelievable how big our God is.”

Despite the trials and pain, she noted that they have also experienced God’s enabling power in their lives. God has shown them His presence in recent times.

She continued, “We have so many miracles around us. God’s presence is here. Some bombs don’t explode here. After this war, we will sit together and spend a lot of time sharing a lot of amazing testimonies — how big our God is.”

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