Minnesota Churches Send Meals to Crisis Victims in Ukraine

Church members packing the meals. Image credit: CP

Recently, four churches based in Minnesota, United States, jointly decided to pack about 100,000 meals for the needy. Half of the packed meals were distributed to victims of the crisis in Ukraine.

The meal-packing event, which was hosted by Bethel Lutheran Church of Rochester, had 250 volunteers who assisted in the task.

Other churches who joined in the event were Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In an interview with The Christian Post, an organizer of the event, Bruce Gudlin, said half of the packed meals were shared locally while the others were sent to Poland. Thereafter, the victims of the Russian invasion on Ukraine will receive the packed meals. He added that the volunteers were divided into shifts.

Gudlin said, “Each year, the churches campaign for donations which are used to purchase the raw food ingredients. These ingredients are purchased in bulk by our nonprofit partner, Food For Kidz.

“The meals are then packaged by volunteers in a space donated by Bethel Lutheran Church. These efforts allow 100% of the donations to go towards food with an end result of a highly nutritious meal for just 17 cents.”

Gudlin noted that his church is already planning for its next charity work and it has started fundraising for it.

Since the crisis in Ukraine began, many churches have sent relief materials to the victims. Also, more support is being expected from various charities across the globe.

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