Captured Ukrainian US Pastor freed from Russian Forces

Pastor Bodyu

Dmitry Bodyu, a Ukrainian American pastor captured by Russian forces in Ukraine has regained his freedom. He was captured on March 19 in the city of Melitopol where the Russians have invaded and taken over.

His release was announced by his wife, Helen Bodyu on Facebook. She said, “Dmitry is home. He’s doing well. Thank you for your participation, for your concern, help and love! God is good!!! Praise the Lord!”

In an earlier report, Helen said that their home was attacked by Russian forces who seized her husband's American passport along with their phones and other devices. No word was heard from him for days.

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reported that in 1990, Bodyu emigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union along with his family. He settled in Burleson, Texas, near Dallas.

He and his family were sponsored by Pastor Otis Gillaspie of Open Door Church in Burleson. This made it possible for them to come to the United States and became American citizens

However, he decided that he would return to Ukraine with his wife to establish churches. He is the pastor of the Word of Life Church in Melitopol.

Despite the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Bodyu says he won’t leave his flock because he feels mandated to do what God has sent him, regardless of what is happening around him.

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