Watchdog Group warns that Chinese Government Is Rewriting the Bible with Communist Principles

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Christian persecution watchdog group, The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) has earned that the Chinese government is rewriting the Bible with Communist values.

In an interview with Faithwire, Todd Nettleton, a spokesperson for (VOM) said, "This is a project that the Chinese Communist Party announced in 2019. At the time, they said it would be about a 10-year process, to release a new translation of the Bible. It would support the Communist Party and include a variety of principles, including Confucianism and Buddhism."

The organisation added that the revised Bible will have some parts of the original version removed to accommodate core socialist values. 

Nettleton continued, "The issue for the Chinese Communist Party is control. It is always about control. And they see the Christian message as something that would take control away from the communist party."

Despite the plans of the Communist government, VOM plans to send more copies of God's Word to fellow believers in China.

"That's one of the reasons why Voice of the Martyrs and other groups are so committed to delivering Bibles into China – even smuggling Bibles into China – because it's not available. One of the things I hope about this new translation is that it will backfire, and people will wonder, 'Why was it so important for the Chinese government to retranslate the Bible. Why was it so important for them to change this?'" Nettleton said.

Recently, VOM including other religious freedom groups, adviced believers to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics because of the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in China.

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