Unfollow Me by Tobe Nwigwe Out Now

Tobe Nwigwe has done it again. He’s said what we’d all like to say,  but maybe can’t. In the age of social media where influence is measured by the number of followers, likes, comments and scrolling, cancel culture has brought another dimension to the mix and made people crazy in the process.

Mr Nwigwe tells all those that don’t like what he’s saying to leave. Check out the lyrics to gain better clarity.


If you don’t like

What I say or do

Pretty please for your sake and mine

Unfollow me x2

If I make you feel some type of way

Unfollow me

If lowkey you’re just here to hate

Unfollow me

Don’t be in my comments writing no essay

Unfollow me

Not tomorrow gon do it today

Unfollow me


All of 1:42 the song speaks volumes.

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