News Leaders of Hillsong London Campus Announced as Pastors Resign


     (Robby and Jo Watson with a member in church)

Robby and Jenny Lewis, the lead pastors of Hillsong’s London campus have announced their resignation after spending 12 years at the campus. The reason for their resignation was not made open. However, their replacement have been announced.

While announcing his resignation, Robby Lewis said, “I just want to say thank you to every single one of you — for the last 12.5 years — for everything that you have poured into me, all the encouragement, the love, allowing me to be part of your life.” 

"A number of years ago, I said, ‘I am who I am today because of all of you,’ and I absolutely mean that.”

Consequently, Daniel and Jo Watson, former youth pastors of the church were announced as the new leaders of the campus. Daniel said he is thankful and honored for his new role. 

The resignation was made on the same day Brian Houston, Hillsong Global Senior Pastor, temporarily stepped down as leader of the Australia-based global Evangelical church network following accusations of allegedly covering up abuse allegations against his father. 

Daniel Watson said, “We are extremely excited. We are extremely humbled to be given this honor, and following the Lewises, we are thankful for everything they’ve done and the foundations that they have laid. We are excited to carry on.” 

According to the church's website, as youth and young adult pastors, Daniel and Jo Watson have been able to establish a strong partnership with the Metropolitan Police, gaining their endorsement for all our youth and schools work, and advising the Mayor of London on various youth issues and the church.

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