TY Bello Releases Videos for Songs, Burning with the Holy Ghost & Amen Amen

TY Bello has released two videos from her new album We Are Fire. Tracks Burning with the Holy Ghost and Amen Amen are out on YouTube! The spontaneous worship minister launched the album on her birthday and she has been sharing comments from people that have listened to the album on her IG page and Instastories.

Many people have been sharing their experiences and comments on the songs off the album.

Adegboyega (@Gboyegawrites) – Thank you Minister Ty Bello for yielding, these are spirit sounds.

Olatundun (@Tundun_O) – Hearts are aligning. Dead bones are rising. Thank you to, Ty Bello, and everyone on the album.

Olusegun Peters (@Olusegun_Peters) – The Ty Bello ‘Fire’ album, you’ll not know when you start praying in the Spirit.

This Girl is Blessed (Girl_isBlessed) – Ty Bello, Nosa and their Team did a thing in this record. The emission of power from this is real and deliberate. Light up your house with this.

If you haven’t listened to this album yet…what are you waiting for bruh?!

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