Ty Bello Releases Album, We Are Fire on 44th Birthday

Ty Bello has released her latest album, We Are Fire. She chose to use her birthday January 14 2022 as the right time to release this project to the world. Ty turned 44 and was super excited to share this album with everyone.

On her IG page she had this to say about what the songs depict and are set to ignite in those that listen.

This is a prophetic charge, a declaration of who we are, we know a small match lights a big fire, so imagine what all our fire will light up, we were not created to be average or mediocre, we are fire, we are fire. We have been summoned by God and empowered by His Spirit to step out of the crowd and be counted among the brave. We must refuse to hide among the riskless and mindless, we must put on the mind of Christ and expose the world to the supernatural wisdom of the ages—wisdom that stuns the intelligent, silences the critics and transforms our cities and nations. We carry his spirit, we are fire.”

Nosa, Folabi Nuel, 121 Selah, Greatman Takit, Sinimidele and George Ade-Alao are some of the artistes that featured on the different tracks. Some expressed their thoughts about the body of work, but it was clear they were glad to be part of the making of such a sound and happy to finally share it.

The album is a trigger…it ignites! - Greatman Takit

This album is divine in every way. You can feel it in every word and sound. - Folabi Nuel

It’s a sound for the ages. There’s a cry of a generation in one body of work! - Nosa

A clarion call to sleeping souls to awaken to the light knowledge and glory of Christ. - 121 Selah

WE ARE FIRE! This is a beckon to be part of the revival story that has already began. - Sinmidele

The album is a demonstration of obedience and an invitation into the truth of worship. - Ore Macaulay

The album launch was marked by a series of IG Lives where Ty and other voices on the album shared some of their testimonies and those songs, they are more partial towards.

 We Are Fire is out now on all streaming platforms! So listen, share and testify of what you experienced as you imbided.

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