Mom Sues School, Teachers for Inculcating Thoughts that Her Daughter Was Transgender

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Jessica Konen, a California mother has filed a lawsuit against Spreckels Union School District, for violating her parental rights under California law and the United States constitution. According to the mother, her daughter was recruited by her school teachers in sixth grade to join an LGBT Equality Club and then she was convinced to believe that she was transgender without the knowledge of her mother.

The daughter, simply identified as A.G, was also given a boy's name and made to act that way which affected her mentally. Konen is represented by the Center for American Liberty (CAL).

In a press release, CAL said that "Parents absolutely have a right to know what is being taught in their kids’ school, especially with respect to sensitive issues like gender and sexuality. But parents are denied that right when activist teachers think they know better and intentionally hide information from moms and dads.”

A.G. is now in high school and does not have the tag of a transgender anymore. Rather, she is identified by female pronouns and her female name. The suit says she “is confused about issues relating to her sexuality and gender, and she believes that Respondents caused this confusion.”

Konen is hopeful she would get justice for her daughter.

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