Mount Zion Faith Ministry Releases Gbemi Episode 2 One Week After Episode 1

Gbemi Episode 2 is the latest movie from Damilola Mike-Bamiloye. The first installment, Gbemi Episode 1 was just released a week ago! Damilola is no stranger to creating powerful faith content especially movies as his father Mike Bamiloye is the founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministry. He has certainly been groomed and learned how to create a moving plot that not only tells a story but draws those watching it in so that they can’t leave until the credits roll.

The fans of Mount Zion Faith Ministries poured out their love and appreciation in the comments section of the YouTube channel. We share a few below.

Kendi Nyaga - Have you ever wanted to comment but you don't even have the right words to express what you want to say? Just speechless. God bless this ministry and take you all to higher heights of His presence, revelation, and service in Jesus' name. Amen

Folusho Ogbola - This is what I actually needed to hear at the moment...Thank You Mount Zion for this ministration. Thank You Jesus.

Dr Prudent Michael Ekene - Honestly am blessed by this ministration. The waiting room is not really easy but that's the only way to gain mastery. Thank you all Mount Zion family.

Justine Onumajuru - Hello brethren, Mount Zion has really blessed my soul spiritually since I was little, I have been watching from Nigeria tv local station and now on YouTube, now I am almost 30 and still receiving spiritual directions through this platform, I thank God for connecting me and pray God will help overcome myself and live for him(GOD) alone, lastly complement was God is using them to do for us spiritually by sowing a significant seed into their ministry it is not easy to come with spiritually designated messages to bless our souls.. God continue to prosper and protect this platform and everyone associated to it. AMEN

Watch, share and give to support the great work that Mount Zion Faith Ministries has been doing over the years. It is such a joy to see the second and third generation taking the vision and running with it.

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