TBN Set to Broadcast “Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers” on Dec. 25

                  (A scene from the film)

Families who have not watched the record-breaking film, Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers, will have that opportunity on December 25 as the film is set to be aired on TBN.

On December 22, the film made its debut on broadcast television on TBN. It includes a Nativity-themed episode of The Chosen which featured songs from gospel artistes.

According to Fathom Events (the theatrical distributor of the film), it made over $14 million during its run. Besides, it broke the Fathom record for out-of-the-gate ticket sales during the first 12 hours. 

In an interview with Christian Headlines, the film director, Dallas Jenkins said, "We would not have done this [film] if we didn't have something to say – if we didn't believe God had something profound to say.

"And when it comes to The Chosen – whether it's the stories we tell, or the content we release or the merchandise we release – we never ever do it just as a gimmick or just as a marketing opportunity. It's always because we genuinely believe there's something new and spiritually profound that we believe can be said. In this case, it's our portrayal of the birth of Christ."

Jenkins added that the story talks about how Jesus Christ was born, his humble beginning, and his ministry on Earth.

"Joseph is trying to make room for Mary to be born in the stable, and he has to scoop out a big pile of manure. That single moment, to me, sums up a lot of what the story is about," he said.

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