Samaritan’s Purse Set to Serve Lunch to Tornado Survivors on Christmas Eve

       (A scene from the effect of the tornado)

Samaritan’s Purse, an evangelical disaster relief organization, is set to serve free lunch today to survivors of the deadly tornado which struck on December 10 at six states in the United States. The food relief will be delivered at Mayfield, Kentucky.

The relief operations was launched earlier this month and more than 1,600 volunteers have assisted in sharing relief materials across Arkansas and Kentucky to more than 350 families. Today, the organization will share gifts and serve free Christmas meal at Graves County High School in Mayfield. 

When the disaster struck earlier this month, about 76 persons died.

The president of Samaritan’s Purse, Franklin Graham, is expected to preach some words of encouragement to the people. More so, country musician, Rickey Skaggs will perform some Christmas songs too.

“Everyone is welcome to come. We want the people of this hard-hit region to know that we love them and God loves them. So many people are hurting and discouraged. They need hope, and Christmas is about the hope that is offered to all of us through the birth of God’s Son Jesus Christ,” Graham had said in a statement.

While speaking on the Christmas eve event, Kendra Bandy, the organization’s podcast production manager said on their website, “Families literally lost everything just before Christmas, and knowing that Christmas would be different, we knew that we couldn’t replace things or fix it right away, but we knew we could love them in the midst of their pain. So we wanted to bring some joy to this community.

“We’ve never done anything like this. We don’t want just to provide physical relief, we want to truly love on and minister to people in their time of need. And we’ve never done anything quite like this… And so this is crazy and nearly an impossible feat… We are trusting God.”  

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