Samaritan's Purse gets over 100 Volunteers to Assist Tornado Victims in Kentucky, Arkansas

     (A scene from the tornado effect. Image: The Christian Post)

Samaritan’s purse, an evangelical humanitarian aid organization, has received over a 100 volunteers to assist those distressed by the deadly tornadoes that affected six states last weekend, killing dozens.

Samaritan’s Purse U.S. disaster relief program manager, Todd Taylor, who has helped with over 130 different storm responses with the ministry, is among those offering help to the distressed in Mayfield, Kentucky. Besides, the organization is teaming up with churches in Arkansas and Kentucky. 

In an interview with The Christian Post, Taylor said, “It looks like you (the tornado) took the town and put it in a big blender and dumped it out. This was a very strong tornado. It was a very wide path of destruction right in the heart of Mayfield. It truly is utter devastation. Homes have been blasted down to the foundation. The loss of life is staggering.”

Samaritan’s Purse has set up aid operations in three areas: two in Kentucky and one in Arkansas. Samaritan’s Purse is teaming up with the following churches to provide relief for the disaster victims: First Assembly of God Church in Mayfield, Calvary Baptist Church in Bowling Green, and Maple Road Baptist Church in northeast Arkansas.  

Volunteers have decided to help with removing broken trees, leaking roofs, wet carpet, sheetrock, salvaging their belongings and finding their items which were blown apart by the storm.
Taylor continued, “We want to show these folks that are down in the ditch the love of Jesus Christ. And we know there’s a need, and we are able to help these folks right where they are, in Jesus name. Once yards have been cleaned and raked up, even if the house has been destroyed, it gives the homeowners hope and a place to start. And that’s when we can start sharing the Gospel.

 “This is really hard on a community. Tornados make me think of the scripture that ‘no one knows when the hour is coming,’ because no one knew. There’s that immediate shock. And as you drive perpendicular to where the tornado hit, you go from no damage to catastrophic damage.

“There are some similarities to destruction in the emotional issues that people face in hurricanes and in tornados. But, hurricanes give you time to prepare. These people impacted by these tornadoes had about 20 minutes warning before they (got) hit.” 

He also requested that people should keep praying for those affected by the tornado.

“We should remain in prayer. Prayers are heard by our heavenly Father. Just knowing that people across the nation are lifting them up in prayer can bring comfort to those who were impacted. For those without faith, we see a harder road to recovery. And those who are heavily involved in church and Jesus is their daily bread have more hope for tomorrow that God will see them through,” Taylor said.

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