LeAnn Rimes Talks about the Purpose for Her New Album, God’s Work

                          (LeAnn Rimes)

Country music singer, LeAnn Rimes, has released her latest album, ‘’God’s Work.’’ During an interview with Fox News, she explained the reason for the album which she describes as inspirational.

The 39-year-old said, "I think the title explains we are all here to do what we choose to. It is a bit of an inspirational record. I actually have God's Work tattooed on my arm because I do believe that we are all a part of that. Also, we are here to put down the doctrine including our own beliefs of duality and our differences. We should also love one another and create a new world."

Rimes continued, "And that really is what the record is about – music speaking to the times and the importance of each and every one of our places in creating a better world for one another. So yeah, it's a deep record and it was really fun to create. We're almost finished with it and I can't wait for people to hear it.

"I'm a full believer that we are human and there is so much beauty in our humanity and we are completely holy at the same time. And to be able to embrace both sides of that coin is what makes us whole."

The singer noted that if her husband, Eddie Cibrian, hums her song, then she has done a good job.

"If I finish a song that day and he's like humming it, then I've done my job. He really gets into it. He's super, super supportive. And he'll let me know what he feels about (songs). I love that. I love having that honest communication," she said.

Rimes’ focus is to use her voice to connect with people. She admitted that every other thing that comes with being a singer is a bonus for her.

In her words, "I get to use my voice in different ways to connect with people. I feel like what I'm here to do, you know, like the celebrity and the music and all of that is an added bonus to what we're really here to do with each other, right? (We're here) to connect and for that vulnerability to be what connects us.’’

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