Court Lifts Compulsory Speech Order on Canadian Pastor

                (Pastor Artur Pawlowski)

Alberta Court of Appeal has lifted the enforcement of mandatory speech on Pastor Artur Pawlowski. Pawlowski, who is the senior pastor of Street Church and The Cave of Adullam in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was compelled to say the government’s stand on lockdowns whenever he made public statements.

This was as a result of the preacher’s constant criticisms of the lockdown rule of the government on Christian gatherings. However, with the judgment of the court of appeal, Pawlowski does not have to make the compulsory statements anymore.

The pastor had documented videos where he usually argues with law enforcement agencies in the country as regards the lockdown rules. Ezra Levent of Rebel Media, the news house who raised money for Pawlowski’s legal bills, announced that “the Alberta Court of Appeal stayed the sentence given to Pastor Artur Pawlowski.”

According to Levant, the ruling of the court means that Pawlowski is free from the “bizarre and unconstitutional provisions” of a ruling that compelled Pawlowski to issue an addendum after making “any public comment relating to the pandemic or the lockdowns.” 

In his reaction, Pawlowski said he is glad he no longer has to issue a “horrific compelled speech from North Korea” whenever he condemned COVID-19 worship restrictions and vaccine authorization.

Pawlowski added, ‘’This ruling made me conclude that maybe there is hope in this country. Maybe we can turn this around with the judges, maybe there’s some judges in this country that still value freedom of speech, freedom of expression, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the criminal code of conduct.’’

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