New Song - We Prevail by Greatman Takit ft Nosa

We Prevail by Greatman Takit featuring Nosa is a sound proclaiming the spiritual realities of victory and the justice symbolized by Jesus. In light of the various conversations that the anniversary of the Lekki Toll gate massacre and the #EndSars protests of 2020, this song speaks directly to these traumatic events. Many are still reeling from them and though it might seem that no change has occurred, Greatman Takit reminds us that this is not so.

The lyrics are strong and don’t mince any words…

Verse 1

You said to ask you for the nation

So, with one voice we raise a cry

The lamentations of the people

Have gone to God, so we declare

That like a bird that’s out of a cage


We have escaped (x2)

And like a warrior victorious in battle

We have prevailed (x2)

Verse 2

The blood of the Lamb speaks

The Lamb speaks (x2)

We have prevailed

The mercy of the Lord speaks

The Lord speaks (x2)

We have prevailed

We have prevailed (x2)

Nosa brings his unique flavour of singsong reggae like vibes into the mix. This further heightens the solemn yet hopeful undertones that have been woven into the fabric of the song. You’ll find that the atmosphere where you play this song begins to brim and bubble with hope as you listen. Despite its slow poignant pace, it leaves you comforted with heart lifted. We Prevail is a rallying cry that speaks to the heart of the trauma and difficulties we face in our beloved nation by coaxing us not to give up! I must warn you that you will find yourself putting it on repeat.

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