’'I Have God,’’ Stacey Dash Says as She Shares Journey to Overcoming Drug Addiction

                               (Stacey Dash)

Actress Stacey Dash has shared her journey into overcoming drug addiction. She said that she is now clean and happier because she has God. While speaking during an interview on The Dr. Oz Show, the 54-year-old said that her parents were equally drug addicts who used cocaine and heroin.

Stacey said her mother introduced her to drugs. Growing up was filled with many challenges as she was molested when she was four years old. Besides, she was mostly left in the care of babysitters as a youth. 

"That was pretty terrible and that was something that I had to later deal with, and I'm so happy that I did," Dash said.

Previously, CBN News had reported about Dash’s abusive relationships and how she nearly aborted her son but reconsidered her decision at the last minute.

"I was there on the abortion table. I was so far along they had to put me under. So, I had the IV in my arm and I was crying," she told CBN News. 

At this point, Dash said she cried to God who spoke to her.

"He said to me, 'Stacey, keep your son.' He even told me it was a boy," she said.

The ‘’Clueless’’ actress also spoke on the effect of COVID-19 and how it is taking a toll on the mental health of many people. This made her to speak up.

"I don't want them to be in darkness. It kills me to drive past the tent cities and see these young kids asking for money so they can get a fix. But I know what it feels like to be jonesing. I know the pain.

"I feel like telling my story, letting people know that there is no shame in being an addict. There is no shame in getting help because that's what we need. And for people who are not addicts, I would ask them to please look at people with more compassion and empathy, understanding, because they need help. They need help. I'm clean. I have never been happier in my life because I have God."

Dash, who is the author of There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative, thanked everyone who supported her throughout her five years struggle and watched her win.

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