$2.5M Raised to Build ‘Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer’

The sum of $2.5M has been raised by a Christian charity based in the U.K. to finance the building of an Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer. The wall, which is planned to be built close to Birmingham, England, shall stand at around 160 feet tall.

The production is set to being in 2022 and would be finished later in 2023. One million bricks would be used to build the monument and each brick stands for an answered prayer.

In a statement to The Christian Post, Chief operations officer for the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer charity, Dave Silber, said that the total project has been estimated at around $12.4 million.

“We’ve managed to raise an incredible £450,000 ($620,000) in just four weeks, but we need the public to back us with another £550,000 ($780,000). We want this to be a crowd-funded, crowd-created piece of public art.

“Thanks to donations and gifts to date we have been able to acquire the land, achieve an award-winning design, obtain planning permission, build the team and cover all our immediate ongoing costs. So now, every single penny of the Crowdfunding campaign we receive will go directly into construction,” Silber said.

He added that the idea for the landmark was from the founder of the charity, Richard Gamble, in 2014.

 “Richard has shared the incredible concept all around the U.K. and beyond, rallying people behind the belief that one individual’s answered prayer can be another person’s hope. The journey has not been straightforward, but it has been filled with the favor of God,” Silber added.

Silber made a comparison of the Eternal Wall to the memorial stones built during the Old Testament, which enabled the Israelites to recall their relationship with God.

“This won’t just be a beautiful landmark to be admired from afar, it will be one of the largest evangelistic opportunities in the U.K. for a generation,” Silber said.

“Visible from 6 miles away, it will be a striking landmark that will make hope visible in a completely unique way by hosting a million accounts of answered prayer, making it the largest database of hope stories in the world,” he added.

The landmark will have facilities like a book shop, café, 24/7 prayer room, visitor center, center for education, and an exhibition space to showcase Christian beliefs.

The Eternal Wall is expected to generate income at about $1.3 million annually, which is intended to be sent to several charities and assist in financing affordable housing projects.

“We have no way of knowing what culture and society will look like in a hundred years’ time, but we do know that Eternal Wall will still be standing, and that people will still be able to discover its stories of hope, and see that Jesus answers prayer,” Silber said.

“We know that we will have faithfully sown into future generations and shared with them what Jesus has done in our time. Ultimately, we will make hope visible to the generations, pointing people who need hope to the God who answers,” he concluded.

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