CeCe Winans Encourages Next Generation of Gospel Artists to be rooted in God’s Word

                                 (CeCe Winans)

Multiple award-winning gospel singer, Cece Winans, has revealed how God has been faithful to her throughout her career, her zeal to mentor upcoming gospel singers, and her experience as a grandmother.

Winans recently bagged four awards at the 52nd Gospel Music Association Dove Awards. She said after the award ceremony, “After so many years of doing this, I'm breathing harder … but it gets better. It gets better. I feel so encouraged and it reminds us that the Word of God is always relevant. It doesn't matter how old you get, the Word of God never gets old. And so I'm excited that I'm getting the chance to connect with the younger generation ... I'm honored to still be a part of this industry.”

Winans’  ​​daughter, Ashley Love, gave birth to her first child which is the singer’s first grandchild some months ago. This has made the singer to testify that God is truly a God of generations.

“When you become a parent, you get a real revelation of God’s love. When you become a grandparent, you get another surge of life. You understand the importance of everything in the world and how it will impact that little one. I am so honored to sing gospel music. I'm so, so blessed that I truly believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I'm excited about God being a God of generations; that He keeps being faithful. I know my grandson Wyatt will be just fine.

‘’The greatest thing my parents gave me was my faith, to teach me the Word of God, and to introduce me to Jesus. The greatest thing I've given my children is my faith. And I just want to continue to share that; the power of the Word of God, the power of the love of God, and we're getting the chance to do that on generations,” Winans said.

The 57-year-old also said she is excited about championing the next generation of gospel artists and she is glad to see them rise.

“I've been able to see them start and continue to rise, and I get excited because they're remembering that it's not just about a song … but it's about your life, the lifestyle that you live behind the song. I'm excited about encouraging the next generation,” she said.

Winans explained the importance of building a relationship with Jesus and fellowshipping in a church with other brethrens.

 “It's not easy, as glamorous as it looks. It's not easy to be an artist. It’s so important that you really have a relationship with Him, and not just out here singing a song. Because you're going to face hard times ... you want to be anchored in the Word of God. You want to be anchored in a home church.

“As artists, and as young people, we feel like, because we sing gospel music, we don't need to home church. That is not true. I could preach on that all night ... you need to be in a place that you can get poured into because we're always pouring out. Through that relationship, you understand who you are.”

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