Prophets & Kings - Story of the Olu of Warri' Ogiame Atuwatse III Journey to the Throne

 On the 21st August 2021 the 21st Olu of Warri was crowned. This coronation ceremony was a colourful media event witnessed by countless all over the world. One of the most interesting things that happened at the ceremony took place just before he gave his inaugural address. Before he uttered a single word, Atuwatse III spent fifteen minutes to praise and worship the King of kings!

Without any accompaniment or warning of what was about to happen, he gave glory to God Almighty. When he was done, the Olu spoke his first words as the ruler of the Itsekiri Kingdom. The speech he gave set many precedents as to what to expect from his leadership and how their affairs will be conducted.

The journey to the throne began many years back and one of the most defining aspects of it was when two young men’s paths crossed at a conference that took place in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria in 2018. This is the story that the documentary Prophets & Kings traces. Tomi Arayomi and Omoba Tsola Emiko according to divine providence met on that fateful day and both their lives were changed forever.

The events that took place were shared in an interview format by The Delphinator with Prophet Tomi, HRM Ogiame Atuwatse III and HRM Olori Atuwatse III sharing their accounts of events as they unfolded. You will hear from them how things happened and the public culmination that was the coronation ceremony that took place in Odetsekiri in August.

To discover the twists and turns to the throne and different milestones along the way, watch this powerful story and be in awe of what God is doing to put things in place and set things right. This twenty-first century story will encourage viewers and remind them that even when things appear dark and there’s a temptation to totally give up, God has an ace (and then some!) up His sleeve. When you keep trusting Him, He always makes everything work together.

Share your comments on what resonates with you as you watched the story unfold.

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