Mother Ajayi Explains Why She Permitted Adeboye, Others Wear Their Shoes Into Her C&S Church

Founder of the Love of Christ Generation Cherubim & Seraphim (C&S) Church, Reverend Mother Esther Ajayi, has responded to critics who reacted to Pastor Enoch Adeboye and other dignitaries who wore footwear into the church.

Last week, the newly built church was dedicated in Victoria Island. In attendance were distinguished guests who graced in occasion. While reacting to critics, Mother Ajayi said she has no intention of changing the doctrines of the church. However, she said it was beyond her control to prevent people from entering the church with footwear.

Rather than condemning her actions, she stated that members of the church should concentrate on ensuring the growth of the church. Likewise, she affirmed that she was focused on making the church known to distinguished individuals in the society.

A publication of the church, Act of Seraph, credited Mother Ajayi with these statements while speaking during the 96th Anniversary of the C&S Church held at Seraphim Land, Maba, Ogun State. 

Furthermore, she said that the church has not been given much attention and she is set to cause a change in that aspect. Also, she is determined to grow the church in membership and in other areas. In her words: 

“I don’t want to dwell on the footwear issue. How do I control about 10,000 people who want to come and honour God? And it’s everybody that wants to enter at the same time. Do I somersault on them? When about twenty traditional rulers sat down. Even me that invited them had entered midway into the church before I realized that I was still on my footwear. It was inside the church that I had to remove it to give to someone.

“There is an Ayo Ni o at Sabo; when they have a special occasion, they allow footwear and they sanctify the place when people have left. That does not chase God from their midst. This does not mean that I am encouraging such practice. But there are days that God gives such grace. He is a merciful God,” she said.

“But when they come, identify with us and extend their goodwill to us, then we can go ahead and sanctify our church when they are gone, and God will continue to answer our prayers,” she was quoted to have said.

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