Olumide Iyun Releases New Song Titled - Godiya Nabaka

 Olumide Iyun has released a new single titled Godiya Nabaka, simply translated this means I give You thanks. This prolific gospel artist has brought us songs like Unlimited God, There is a Lifting Up and many more. As a music producer he has also worked and collaborated with other gospel musicians to bring us many loved songs popularly sang at places of worship and as the occasion calls for it.

Whilst releasing this he shared the following on his Instagram page, “I was in my bedroom during the Easter celebrations when I began to hear a song rise up in me. 'A million tongues won't be enough to tell Your love towards us!' I then wondered what the meaning of the next line - Godiya Nabaka - was. I called up a friend and she told me I was saying I give you thanks. So, by Jesus Christ, I offer the sacrifice of praise, which is the fruit of my lips giving thanks unto God.

He also shared the secret on why it was made public yesterday August 10. “Why release it today? Well, it's the birthday of my amazing wife, my crown, my gift, my comfort, my joy, my babe Itunuade Inumidun Iyun,. It's a good day to give thanks!” Indeed a great day to give thanks.

We join to say a Happy birthday to Itunuade Iyun on her birthday celebration. God bless and continually cause you to rejoice. Amen.

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