'The Chosen' Jesus Actor, Producer Meet Pope Francis at the Vatican

Hollywood actor, Jonathan Roumie, has met with the Pope at the Vatican. The award-winning actor is famous for the hit series ‘’The Chosen.’’ He met with Pope Francis shortly and shared moments of his visit. While growing up, Roumie said he had the dream of meeting the head of the Catholic Church. As they conversed, he asked the revered cleric to pray for him and his role in the series. The actor is featuring as ‘’Jesus’’ in the series. 

Roumie excitedly made a post on his Instagram page on Wednesday saying, ‘’The honor of my spiritual life, and a childhood dream realized. No words….Beyond graced…Gracias Santo Padre @franciscus for your time and blessings! Deepest gratitude to my friend @breedail for helping me get here and @dallas.jenkins for capturing this unparalleled moment in history for me.”

               (Jonathan Roumie)

He also posted a video of him informing the pontiff that he keeps him in his prayers regularly. Although he doesn’t speak Spanish fluently, Roumie asked the pope in the language to pray for him in respect to his role in The Chosen. He said it is an honor to act as Jesus.

With a smile on his face, Francis responded in Spanish saying, “May you invite Him, may you find Him, and may He grant you joy.”

Dallas Jenkins is the producer of the series and he equally visited the Vatican to document the event. He also shared his experience of his visit. He said that he and Roumie sat at a special area where they got access to meet the pope.

Dallas Jenkins is the son of Jerry Jenkins, the co-author of Left Behind book series. While commenting on his visit to the Vatican, he said, “This is really fascinating for me. As a Protestant, I don't have a whole lot of passion for something like this but it's certainly an amazing opportunity and represents the growth of this show around the world.”

“When we were in line people from all over the world were recognizing us and thanking us for the show. The opportunity for other faith traditions to experience the show is not something that I necessarily planned for but I didn't think I'd have an opportunity here to meet the pope and to get to experience this amazing city of Rome. It's certainly quite an honor and something that represents just how far ‘The Chosen’ is reaching,” Jenkins told The Christian Post.

                   (Dallas Jenkins)

"The Chosen" is a crowd-funding project. Since 2019, it has raised over $20 million and this made it the No. 1 crowd-funded media fund. Likewise, it has become a record-breaking series.

About 50 million persons have watched the series so far in 180 countries. More so, it has been translated into more than 50 languages.

Season one and two of “The Chosen” are now available to watch on The Chosen App. This would be the first-ever, multi-season TV series which chronicles the life of Jesus. It also tells about the lives of those who worked with Jesus while he was on Earth.

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