Lauren Daigle’s ‘'Look Up Child'’ Tops Christian Albums Chart for the 100th Week

‘’Look Up Child,’’ the album of Grammy Award-winning artist Lauren Daigle has maintained its No. 1 position on the Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart in 100 weeks. It is Daigle’s third full-length album. In her response to the news, the gospel singer said she is thankful that the album is still touching lives especially in challenging moments. The album was released on September 22, 2018.

“It's amazing to me. It really blows my mind. I would say I had desired that it would be successful, but to see how effective it has become has been really beautiful. The best part of that is seeing how people have used the album and how it's walked with them through a really difficult time or beautiful season. That's the best part of this type of an accomplishment,” Daigle told Billboard.
The native of Louisiana added that her intention was to produce a timeless album. However, she is glad it has gone beyond her desire to affect the world in the pandemic.

“The thing that is so special about music is that it really can be timeless. Throughout the record-making process for Look Up Child, I remember saying I just wanted it to be a timeless body of work. I want it to be something that even in 20 years, 30 years, people can still pull up and listen to,” she said.

“I think that's the beauty of music as a whole. It can impact you in one way for a certain season or period of time, and then it can mean something completely different in seasons or years that follow…
 “To see these charts and to see the things that have come from the success of this record is really beautiful because it means people are still holding onto it or finding it for the first time,” she added. 

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