"If not for the Church, many would have committed suicide" -Dr. Enenche

The senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr. Paul Enenche has reiterated on the impact of the church on the people. He stated that the rate of suicide attempts in the country has reduced despite the hard times the people have been facing.

The cleric made these observations in one of his preaching at the headquarters of the church in Abuja. He added that the church has helped a lot of persons out of the economic situations in the country. Consequently, he laid emphasis on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and how Nigeria and other African countries survived it with God’s help.

He said, “Thank God for Church, otherwise many people would have killed themselves since. If they say there was suicide, just imagine what will happen if not for Church. Living in a kind of country we are living and in the part of the world we are living, the only thing that has kept us alive and kept us well is the Word of God.

“Didn’t you hear the COVID predictions? That millions would be on the streets of Africa. We don’t have all the sophisticated things they have there, but we have the raw Word of God. Even though they mock us and they say with all our Word, where is our development? But the Word of God has saturated the ground.’’

Reactions trail the statements of the preacher
Azubuike Chinenye said, ‘’He isn’t lying. So many times depression wants to choke me, I start praises and I will sleep off peacefully. Sometimes when I am confused and mentally going crazy, I start crying and begging God to heal me. It helps knowing that you can just talk to God you do not see and feel better.’’
Iguodala Marssy commented, ‘’Very true. Being in the presence of the Lord brings peace, joy, and liberty. You can unburden your heart and he listens. Jesus is the definition of true love.’’

Caroline Njoku Onyesonwu said, ‘’I think it’s the word of God sir and not the church. Evil has creept into the church. Some behaviors from some members can drive people who do not know the word of God away from church. But those who know the word of God are consoled by it.’’

Monday Chukwudi Light said, ‘’Very true sir. Even in the midst of nothing, the word of God lifts your soul and charges you to believe that your future is secured. Thanks to Apostle Joshua Selman teachings and Archbishop Duncan Williams sermons.’’

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