Jennifer Hudson Acts as Aretha Franklin in New Biopic; Credits God for Her Gifts

Grammy award-winning singer and Academy award-winning actress, Jennifer Hudson, has stated that God alone deserves the credit for her gifts. Hudson starred in the biopic ‘’Respect’’ which chronicles the life of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul.

The director of the movie, Liesl Tommy, told The Christian Post that ‘’Respect’’ starts and ends with the church. Afterwards, it shows “the rise of Aretha Franklin’s career from a child singing in her father’s church’s choir to her international superstardom.” 

“Respect” tells the story of Franklin as she wrestled her demons through prayers. Likewise, she was dabbling with the desires of life as she was a wife, mother, and equally working. Hudson also has a similar story as he uses prayer to fight her struggles.

While responding to questions concerning her role in the movie, Hudson said, "I learned at a very early age, growing up singing in church, that it's beyond you, and who you are. I feel as though as long as I hold on to that, it keeps you grounded in a way."

“When you know it's not you and it's a higher power, which is very key for me. To me, to even hold on to the gift that is given and to be able to honor that when you're conscious enough, or wise enough, discerned enough to know that it's not you, but it's God working through [you],” she told The Christian Post. 

Hudson grew up in the church which made it easier for her to act as Aretha Franklin in the movie. Before the Queen of Soul died in 2018, she specifically chose Hudson to act the role. Her wish is now being manifested.

                       (Aretha Franklin)

"To me, it's not only a film about an icon, but it's her testimony and her life. And in that is power that will encourage someone else and their life and whatever they may be going through. That is the gift of it all, to me, when we can use our test and then our testimony to bless someone else,” Hudson said.

In addition, Hudson urged other women to pray even as they hold on to their faith and trust in God to solve their issues. She added, "As they say, if He'll bring you to it, He'll bring you through it because that's what I do. So I would always encourage others to do the same for sure.”

Besides Hudson, "Respect" also featured Mary J. Blige, Marc Maron, Forest Whitaker, Audra McDonald, Kimberly Scott, Marlon Wayans, Tituss Burgess, Heather HeadleyDonovan, Saycon Sengbloh, Hailey Kilgore, and more.

The movie has been premiered at First Congregational Church in Atlanta, Georgia. It will be shown in cinemas from this weekend.

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