Deji Adeyanju Lambasts Those Condemning Tithe Payers; Insists He is Unbothered

Human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju, has insisted he would continue to pay his tithe despite the words of critics. He added that he is not bothered by those who insult pastors. Besides, it is his money and he has the right to spend it whichever way he desires.

‘’Those of us paying tithes and offering to churches and pastors are not complaining and we will never stop tithe no matter how woke you talk or insult pastors. Your money is not here. It is ours and we have the right to spend our money anyhow we like,’’ Adeyanju said.

In addition, he said that the same way some people spend their money on frivolities is the same way some persons desire to promote the work of God. Hence, everyone should be allowed to spend their monies in the manner they choose. In his words,

‘’Some of us want to promote the work of God just like you want to promote alcohol companies by buying drinks every week or patronizing ashewo. Stop crying more than the bereaved? Do what you like, let us also do what we like.’’

An hour later, he made another post to buttress his point. His posts have attracted series of reactions so far. Some of his followers supported his post while some disagreed with him. However, Adeyanju still insists he will continue to pay his tithe and nobody can do anything about it.

‘’Every week, some men buy brand new cars and houses for girls all over Nigeria. All the weekly vacation pictures you see slay queens posting on Instagram is finance by some generous givers. How does it concern you if I buy a car for my pastor? Some of these girls are not even their wives or babes. Just a side chick. And these girls (are) usually dating like 6 other guys. Spend your money on whatever you like, nobody cares. Also allow those who want to spend theirs on tithes and offering to do same,’’ he concluded.

What do you think of these statements by the human rights activist? Kindly share your thoughts.

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