New Music + Audio: Everyday Remix by Folabi Nuel featuring Limoblaze, Kelar Thrillz & Mannie

Gospel artiste, Folabi Nuel has released a remix of Everyday featuring Limoblaze, Kelar Thrillz and introducing MannieMuic. In this remix, Everyday has been injected with more…of everything! 

The beats, the Igbo language rap, infusion of the traditional beats and instruments as well as the range of scale from the collection of artistes will no doubt make it an instant and popular choice with music lovers. 

You cannot listen without the music moving you to nod, sway, dance and shake something. Lovers of music from all walks of life will certainly enjoy it with the lyrics serving as a reminder of God’s love and protection in everyday living.

The original Everyday was off Folabi Nuel’s Hunger album and featured Freke Umoh. If you recall the Hunger album was recorded live and once again come September, another live album recording is in the works! This album with have its theme centred around Revival. So, fans and music lovers get ready for another worship experience with Folabi and his friends this third quarter of 2021.

Everyday Remix Lyrics

New day with a new song

Amara na kpote’m nura like a new born

Feeling soft, this your love give me goosebumps
Nge soro gi ruo njedebe no U-turn
Nsi ka’m koba oluoma Chukwu nge mepenu cinema
Ndu’mu na’aku offu ina e tune’m ka jikita
Iji ifunaya fichanu Mayan ka hanky
Now everything’s Wellington around me like banky

Na you dey ginger me o
Everyday na you dey cover me
Your love dey remedy
Everything wey dey bother me o
Blessings follow me
I can feel it in this melody eh
E be like do re mi
All the things wey you do for me eh

Na your love I dey see

Na your love I dey see

You call me your favourite baby o
No weapons dey fashion against me o
None e go prosper against me o
Cause na you be my God
You’re my daddy o
Oh no never letting go o
No eni ma ni mo
This your love is sure
It’s too sure it leaves no doubt
Expels all fears
You’re my confidence
Oh this type of love wey you get for me
Me I go tell them the koko
I dey feel like I just win lotto
This your love e sweet pass promo
This your love e dey chase me
Everywhere and every day

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