New Music: "What If I Stumble" by Snatcha

Snatcha, one half of the Rooftop MCs, has released a new song titled "What If I Stumble".  Produced by renowned hitmaker, Xblaze, the song is vintage Snatcha. 

According to him, “What If I Stumble is not a prediction or a statement of doubt. Rather it’s a call for saints to arise and be their brother’s keepers in an age where everyone wants to be enraged about something or cancel one another when we make mistakes or when our Christian walk becomes a crawl."

He asks, "Would you rat on me when I fall make my shame apparent to all. What if my walk becomes a crawl would you be there for me through it all. I know the way I’m thinking is odd but here’s the real deal of it all of I should stumble fall or just roam would you help me find my way home."

Click here to stream the song

In March this year, he dropped a music video of a spontaneous worship session with Nikki Laoye recorded at his Drunken Master virtual concert held some months ago.

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