New music + video: Snatcha and Nikki Laoye - Mighty God :DRUNKN WORSHIP (spontaneous worship)

Soul Snatcha, a member of the rap group Rooftop MCs, has dropped a music video of a spontaneous worship session recorded at his Drunken Master virtual concert held some months ago.

It features gospel singer, Nikki Laoye.

According to Snatcha: "One thing I like to do in my private worship time, is to freestyle to God and just let unpracticed words just pour out of my heart. At my Drunken Master virtual concert, held at the Icontowers studio in Laindon Hills United Kingdom last year, I was led to just have a session of spontaneous worship. My friend Nikki Laoye has a beautiful song called Mighty God so I asked her to lead in it and we had an amazing time of worship."

Watch and enjoy!

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