Sen. Ted Cruz: The Church must 'wake up' to defeat 'woke assault'


Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has called on the church to wake up if they desire to break the ‘’woke assault’’ in the United States, adding that there is a forthcoming revival in the country. He made this statement last Friday during his speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" conference which was covered by The Christian Post.

The audience consisted of Christian conservatives who assembled for the national evangelical grassroots organization’s yearly conference. This year’s edition was held in Kissimmee, Florida with theme on a forthcoming revival and quest to defend America.

In his message, Cruz noted that if we are to triumph against woke assault; then we have to wake up. He added that the Church which is slumbering needs to wake up and be energized. More so, there is need for Christians to believe that they can win, and they will win.

Other speakers at the event were Florida governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence, political leaders, and other conservative congressmen. This event has been tagged as the country’s pro-family event.

Cruz, who is a staunch conservative and a former presidential candidate, said that presently, politics is culture. This is against the thought that politics is downstream away from culture.

“If you want to hold on to your faith, if you want to hold on to your freedom, then you have to rise and answer the call to defend America,” he said. 

Besides, Cruz urged the citizens to be prayerful while they still coordinate and assemble themselves to their voting centers. He also advised Americans to use their arms to vote out the incompetent.
Out of approximately 90 million evangelical Christians in the United States, Cruz said that only half of that number vote because the “Church is asleep.” With the values in the land gradually being lost and abortion becoming the order of the day, the senator used the words of his father, Raphael Cruz, who affirmed that more responsibility rests on pastors in America who are found behind the pulpit.

Furthermore, he said that foundation of the nation and its grounding principles are under an unyielding attack like never before. Consequently, he talked on the need to stand for the national anthem as he cited some founding fathers of America.

“America is great. Christopher Columbus discovering America was a good thing. George Washington was an American hero. Thomas Jefferson was an American hero. Abraham Lincoln was an American hero. Our founding fathers were extraordinary patriots. America has been a force for good in the world. We should stand for our national anthem," Cruz said.

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