'Left Behind' Author, Jerry B. Jenkins, Releases New Book titled, The Chosen.


Jerry B. Jenkins, author of popular biblical End Times fictional series, Left Behind, has released a new novel titled The Chosen. This work, which was named after his son’s hit series, is centered on sharing the gospel of Christ. In his interview with The Christian Post, the 71-year old author also talked about the end times which he said is very close.

Besides, he laid emphasis on his gift of writing which has led him into writing almost 200 books. Out of this number, 21 of them have made the New York Times’ bestsellers list. Since writing is all he does, Jenkins said that he will continue doing it.

The first volume of his recent book, The Chosen: I Have Called You By Name, espouses the impact Jesus Christ made in the lives of those who followed him and how their lives were transformed. 

So far, 72 million copies of Left Behind, which was co-authored by Tim LaHaye, have been sold. Jenkins noted that he won’t stop working because the world is feeling some scenes of the Left Behind series.

He noted that the end is close and there are more instances for us to believe more than we have ever done. In this restless and sinful world, the renowned author wonders the duration God would continue to carry us. Nevertheless, he urged all Christians to bear in mind that it is their duty to spread the Good News despite the perilous times. 

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