Secretary of Atheists Group Resigns After Discovering Jesus Christ

A member of a Kenyan atheist group, Seth Mahiga, has dumped his role as secretary of the group after finding faith in Jesus Christ. The group, Atheists in Kenya Society made this announcement on Twitter stating that Mahiga has discovered Jesus Christ and he has no interest in promoting atheism in Kenya anymore. 
Christian Post reports that the President of the group, Harrison Mumia wished Mahiga all the best as he quits his role with them. He also appreciated the efforts of the former secretary having served diligently in the past one and half years.

However, Mumia made another tweet saying, “It’s a sad day for the Atheists In Kenya Society. Our secretary, Seth Mahiga has resigned saying he’s found Jesus. Lol!”

Meanwhile, the former chief justice of Kenya, Dr. Willy Mutunga, responded to that tweet by informing Mumia of a section of the constitution saying; “Article 32(1) of our Constitution provides: Every person has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion. This provision is not a laughing matter.” 

On Sunday, a video of Mahiga announcing that he has resigned from the group to the congregation at Life Church International Nairobi was posted by Atheists in Kenya Society on its Twitter page. 

The former atheist admitted that he has been going through some difficulties in life. Hence, he chose to resign from his secretary position and he felt very happy having taken that decision.

On Monday, the group announced on its Facebook page that Emmah Shisoka is its new secretary. In 2016, the group was formally registered by the government of Kenya. According to the group, they aim to “transform society into one that values reason, rationality, honesty, clarity, and kindness.” 

There was an initial hesitation by the government of Kenya to recognize atheists in Kenya. Its reason was that it was concerned about the impact of the organisation on “the interests of peace and welfare or good order in Kenya.” 

Apart from Mahiga, some other atheists have spoken about how they converted to Christianity. Earlier this year, actor Tom Hanks’ son, Chet appeared on a podcast narrating how an encounter with God made him convert from atheism. He said that it was when he was 17 years old during a day hike in Utah. 

In addition, former atheist Lee Strobel, wrote about his conversion to Christianity in his book called The Case for Christ. Strobel, who formerly reports for Chicago Tribune initially wanted to invalidate the existence of Jesus Christ. However, he could not achieve it and went ahead to become a Christian. A film adaptation of his book – The Case for Christ – was released in 2017.

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