Chinese Christian group, Ten Gentiles donate face masks to Israel


Ten Gentiles, a nonprofit organization that is centered on equipping and involving Christians in God’s restoration of Israel alongside the Jewish people has donated N-95 masks to Israel. According to Jerusalem Post, a total of 25,000 paper masks and 10,000 N-95 masks were bought by the group. Also, they got space on a medical supply plane and shipped them to Israel.

The founder of Ten Gentiles, Shirley Burdick used this act to show Chinese Christians what she describes as the ‘’real’’ Israel. She was born and raised in Shanghai. Regularly, Burdick brings Chinese Christian groups to Mizmor Ledavid, an Orthodox synagogue in Jerusalem for Friday night services. Arrangements are also made by the Synagogue members to host them for Shabbat dinner.

Burdick affirmed that the Chinese tourists feel some sort of attachment to Israel. However, they cannot tell what it is. She added that of some of them visit many times a year for the Jewish holidays.

Thousands of masks have been donated by Ten Gentiles. Ma’aynei Hayeshua Medical Center, the ultra-Orthodox hospital in Bnai Brak was one of the beneficiaries. Some of the masks went to Terem, an urgent care facility in Jerusalem. Others went to a nursing home. 

She added that while delivering the masks, the flags of both China and Israel are usually added to the boxes. More so, she expressed how wonderful it is to share love to Israel from Chinese Christians. She admits that it is a new attitude that Christians decided to assist the Jewish people. 
Most of those who donated were members of Protestant churches. One of the major donors, Joshua, spoke about the demand for the face masks when COVID-19 broke out initially.

“In the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, every city in China was desperate for face masks, and people were very worried. Many countries, both government and non-government organizations, and individuals lend helping hands to China. And we saw Jewish brethren praying for us at the Kotel; we were deeply moved. We are very grateful!”

His wife, Sarah, also lent her voice to those suffering from the virus in Israel. In her words,

“When the coronavirus broke out in Israel, we knew that Israel was going through what we already went through. Proverbs 3:27 says, ‘Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.’ We want to do everything we can to help our Jewish brothers and sisters to overcome the difficulties.”

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